A message for Jamie Moyer

Chipper’s reaction to Jamie Moyer’s sign-stealing accusation reminds me how much we’ll miss his candor.

“See, this is what happens when you get a pitcher who comes from a team that [relays signs] constantly — the Phillies,” Jones said. “And he is so paranoid that every single team does it, which is not the case. Because the only people that I ever remember doing it in this organization were [Jeff] Blauser and [Mark] Lemke. Those are the only two guys that I ever knew of that would either give location or give signs from second base. Since then, nobody’s ever done it [with the Braves].

“I’ve never asked for a location, I’ve never asked for a pitch, and I’ve never given one.”

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4 thoughts on “A message for Jamie Moyer

  1. Only one way to settle it, Office. Put ‘em in a cage. Chipper can bring his bat, and Moyer can bring his 78 mph fastball. My money’s on Larry Wayne.

  2. You always bring the truth, Cat. Always. Jamie Moyer’s a greasy egg-sucking bum of a dog, or dog of a bum. As Chipper pointed out, who needs to relay a sign when all the guy throws are 70-mph breaking balls? And it was 3-0, no less. Even Tulo took Chipper’s side. I also liked Diaz’s candor in saying he’d tried to get the Braves to relay signs and they wouldn’t do it.

  3. It’s telling that Moyer’s shortstop came down with Chipper. He’s going to make us miss him when he’s gone.

  4. For the most part we don’t do shit like that. I know it chaps the ass of a lot of the Baseball world but we just don’t.

    We also don’t employ people like Jim Leyritz or Chad Curtis and face the awkwardness of having to get in touch with their parole officer when team reunions are held.

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