A new low for ESPN

Both ESPN and ESPN2 are airing the press conference welcoming the Jets’ new back-up quarterback. On ESPN you get the added feature of Tim Tebow publicist Skip Bayless, in a corner box, monitoring Twitter.


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1 Comment on A new low for ESPN

  1. Tokyokie // March 26, 2012 at 1:48 pm //

    As is much the case with Colin Cowherd, Skip Bayliss’ continued employment is a mystery, as nobody on earth seems to be able to stand the guy.

    Like most sports columnists in major markets, he tried his hand at sports-talk radio, but his grating on-air style caused him to fail at a couple of different D-FW stations in a variety of time slots. Meanwhile, he continued to move between newspapers, burning bridges everywhere he went. After the Dallas Times-Herald folded in 1991 and he lost his radio gig, he was reduced to running a weekly fax-subscription rag covering the Dallas Cowboys. Somehow, he got a columnist job at the Chicago Tribune, only to leave after a dispute with higher-ups, and he landed at the San Jose Mercury-News, where Jim Rome started giving him regular airtime. Of course he was obnoxious on those, too, but at ESPN, obnoxious means “edgy,” so now he’s given up his writing gigs just to do TV, and the failed radio personality has a career at ESPN despite nobody being able to tolerate the bastard.

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