The Phils’ spring has been worse

You think it’s been a bad spring at Disney? Check out what’s happening in Clearwater.

The Phillies announced that second baseman Chase Utley “has come to a bit of a plateau” in his rehab. He’ll travel out of town for a few days to see a specialist for his knees, the team added. Utley’s chance of playing on Opening Day seem slim and prospect Freddy Galvis may get his chance at the MLB level.

Speaking of rehab:

Ryan Howard‘s projected return date has been pushed back about a month. The expectation at the moment: late May or early June.

Add to that reports that Roy Halladay’s velocity is down and you can see why a good start is a must for the Bravos, who need to take advantage of the Phils’ woes. They have no excuse not to, with an April schedule that has them playing the Mets in six of their first 12 games. The Braves have another 7 games against Houston and Pittsburgh.

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3 Comments on The Phils’ spring has been worse

  1. Jack Straw // March 19, 2012 at 3:38 pm //

    That’s tough for the Phillies. As in, “tough shit”. But I hope Halladay isn’t done; he is a credit to the game.

    A terrible spring may be the best thing that could happen to our boys. If we were winning easily and often we might get luuled into a false feeling of competence. We have the talent (except shortstop). The desire will prove itself over 162 games.

    We are gonna start slowly in spite of the schedule. We will struggle to play .500 for the first 50 games, and at times look hapless. But when June comes we will start kicking ass. We are a hot weather team.

  2. I hadn’t heard about Roy Halladay’s velocity issues until now. This could be the best thing for the Braves since the Phillies win with pitching and not offense anyways. A step back from their ace would do wonders for Atlanta.

  3. I love all of this news. But the Braves will be without Tim Hudson for April. I hope they can figure out SS by then and rest Chipper enough in April to where he can help us more in the second half. I still say we need another bat. Maybe someone do make a stupid waiver move March 31st.

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