RIP Furman Bisher

A true legend and gentleman.

Who will write about Bob Montag now?


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4 Comments on RIP Furman Bisher

  1. the real big cat // March 19, 2012 at 7:27 am //

    I started reading Furman’s column in the Journal in the early ’60s. He was a big part of why I spent a good part of my life in various newspaper sports departments, and why I love the games we play. RIP.

  2. Tokyokie // March 19, 2012 at 5:22 pm //

    I probably started reading Furman Bisher back in the late ’60s, when he did the Braves column for The Sporting News. Pretty sure all the other TSN columnists of that era — Joe Falls, Dick Young, Jim Murray, Bob Broeg and their ilk — are all long gone. Sorry to read the news. He was pretty much the last of his generation.

  3. Growing up in middle Georgia, my family subscribed to the Constitution, known in Dublin as “The Atlanta Paper”. No one I knew subscribed to the Journal because it was an afternoon paper. Jesse Outlar was the Constitution’s sports columnist; I would only see Bisher’s by-line in the combined Sunday edition.

    As the AJC consolidated their papers, I was exposed to Bisher’s ruminations in the Nineties and I found myself disagreeing with him almost all of the time. In the past several years, however, I’d warmed to his writing and missed his posts after he retired. I always respected the fact that he was a national name who was well respected across the country and whose works were included in numerous sports anthologies.

    His column on Denny McLain, from the mid-eighties, is one of the finest pieces of sportswriting that I’ve ever read. It reads like poetry.

  4. Jack Straw // March 20, 2012 at 8:46 am //

    When I was nine (9) years old, I “discovered” baseball. Two (2) packs of Topps baseball cards and a spring training game on television, all on the same Saturday by happy coincidence. A few days later my mom brought home a copy of “Strange but True Baseball Stories”, by Furman Bisher, and my infatuation was complete.
    That book has almost gone to Goodwill a number of times, but I have never been able to part with it.

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