Baseball takes time, in more ways than one

This is in no way a slam against our sabermetric-inclined friends. I just had to chuckle after reading this paragraph recently on Capitol Avenue Club. The post is insightful, and I completely agree with it. But it just reminded me anew that it takes some work, work I have neither the time nor the inclination to do, to keep up with the latest in advanced baseball stats.

That is to those guys’ credit. We have traded barbs on this site more than once. But I’ve come to appreciate that most of the devotees of the newfangled numbers sincerely want to devise new and better ways to understand what’s happening on the field. It’s just that sometimes, in my opinion, they border on ripping the soul out of the game.

Anyway, here’s the paragraph. I of course get the innings pitched stats, but the rest is a complete mystery, and I’ve followed baseball closely for 40 years.

Last season, the Braves received 119.2 innings out of the combination of Scott Linebrink (54.1), George Sherrill (36.0), and Scott Proctor (29.1). While Sherrill was actually reasonably effective as a left-handed specialist, the other two provided very little value during their Braves’ tenures. Proctor recorded a 6.06 FIP while Linebrink sported a 4.30 mark. Combined, the three totaled -0.5 fWAR.

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7 thoughts on “Baseball takes time, in more ways than one

  1. Fielding Independent Pitching and the Fangraphs formulation of Wins Above Replacement. Those are actually both reasonably useful stats but the pont that Rob makes is succinct and correct. Any average fan who saw Two Shitty Scotts on the mound more than twice each could’ve told you the same thing.

  2. I take comfort in the fact that there’s someone out there willing to quantify just how lousy those guys were.

  3. Not so hard, really.

    FIP: Freaking Insane Preoccupation with sabermetrics.

    fWAR: frank Wren was A Retard for signing these guys.

  4. The only good thing about Proctor is that he helped the Rays by-pass the choking Red Sox last year after the Braves got rid of him.

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