Ranking the NL East: Defense

None of the NL East teams will be mistaken for the early-to-mid-1980s Cardinals teams.

First, the infields:

The Phils are competent but aging. The Braves are a shade worse and have an untested shortstop who doesn’t project as a superior defenders. The Fish have a crappy SS moving to third but are more solid up the middle than Philly or the local nine. The Mets have a second sacker who makes Dan Uggla look like Roberto Alomar and a SS I know nothing about.

That leaves Washington, and even they’re shaky. But in Zimmerman, Desmond and Espinosa, the Nats have the most talented IF defenders, though their DP combo needs to cut down on the errors. Meanwhile, Wilson Ramos is a gifted backstop, potentially the best in the division defensively.

The Braves may rank near the bottom in infield defense but their OF leads the pack, thanks to Michael Bourn. Otherwise, only Philly ranks average or above.

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1 Comment on Ranking the NL East: Defense

  1. Everything depends on shortstop, and I am not confident with a rookie out there given the defensive limitations of Chipper and Uggla. Wilson will have to play more than anyone is planning. I think our infield will rank rather high in defensive percentage due to our inability to get to a lot of balls.

    I was pleased with Freeman’s defense last year. Considering his size and inexperience, he played very well. Ross returns as a stellar backup. The outfield, when Prado plays, has great range.

    Everything looks okay except the question mark at short.

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