Frank Wren should stop making trades w/ Pittsburgh

We were all pleased with Matty D.’s re-acquisition last summer. Now …

Diaz, who has a .302 OBP and 7 homers in his last 200 games, will make $2 million this year. Hell, Brent Clevlen could give you that for a quarter of the price.

Two million might not seem like much but consider the consequences of the Diaz trade.

If not for Matty D.’s contract the Braves would’ve likely dealt for Seth Smith, who Oakland received for a couple of aging hurlers who project as fifth starters. The Braves could’ve easily offered a more talented package of pitchers without sacrificing any of their better prospects.

The only fathomable reason Smith is not a Brave is his $2.5 million salary. Subtract Diaz and they could’ve made him fit (one hopes $500,000 wouldn’t have been a barrier.)  It seems minor, but Smith is a better hitter and fielder capable of playing CF in a pinch.

As it stands the Bravos will likely have to carry three back-up OF’s since neither Diaz or Hinske can play CF. If something happens to Bourn who plays center? Good news for Jose Constanza, at least.

Perhaps Matty D. will rebound in 2012. He better, because we’re stuck with him.

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4 Comments on Frank Wren should stop making trades w/ Pittsburgh

  1. I suppose it’s possible Diaz has a bounce-back year. Actually, I hope old “George” Constanza remains with the Braves. He provided a much-needed second half spark, even if he did cool significantly towards the end.

  2. roadrunner // January 23, 2012 at 7:14 pm //

    Smith has been a semi regular for three years. In ’09 and ’10, his home/road splits were lopsided, and you can make a good guess as to which ones were far better. Last year wasn’t Bichette-like, and perhaps it represented a 29-year-old figuring out his game. Or maybe it was an anomaly. But I’d like to see another year like 2011 before getting worked up over him.

    Diaz hasn’t had a good year since 2009. He’s going to be 34. He started out in 2010 getting injured, and then started playing like his old self down the stretch before getting hurt again and trying to play through it. 2011 could have been the result of playing for a bad ballclub for a manager who didn’t know how to use him. He didn’t see much action in Atlanta. Maybe he’s done. But he’s an exceptionally driven player, so I wouldn’t count him out yet.

    I’m going to conserve my bitterness so that I can devote it to Chip Carey and Fredi Gonzalez.

  3. rankin' rob // January 24, 2012 at 12:45 pm //

    It does get discouraging to realize how much money Liberty Media has and how little they appear to care about the Braves.

  4. The Tigers just drop $215 Million on Fielder and we can’t even add an extra $2.5 Million for a halfway-decent outfielder…

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