If the Braves are counting on Drew Sutton to back up Chipper, we’re in trouble

I hope to God DOB’s speculation is off-base:

Kenny R. reports that Seth Smith talks between Braves and Rockies cooled after teams couldn’t agree on which pitchingprospect the Braves would receive along with Smith in exchange for Prado.

If this is the case, if indeed the Braves’ focus with Colorado had indeed shifted from center-field prospect to pitching prospect in package with Smith, then to me that’s an indication Atlanta was and probably still is trying to get center fielder Adam Jones from Baltimore, and would use any pitching prospect it received from Colorado either to replace the one that the Braves might lose in a deal for Jones, or actually use that pitching prospect from the Rockies as part of a package Atlanta would send to Baltimore for Jones because the Braves wouldn’t agree to part with one of their own pitching prospects that the O’s covet.

Of course, that still would leave a gaping hole as backup third baseman if the Braves trade Prado, so I’d have to think they have another deal lined up or are at least very confident they can get a quality backup for Chipper. That is, unless they believe offseason minor-league free agent signee Drew Sutton could fill that role. He played it plenty in the minors and played eight games at third for Boston last season.

Atlanta will be the 28-year-old Sutton‘s fourth organization in five years.


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2 Comments on If the Braves are counting on Drew Sutton to back up Chipper, we’re in trouble

  1. I’d just as soon bring back Joe Mather as have Drew Sutton.

  2. Have there ever been less exciting offseasons than this one?

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