Best to Brooksie

Brooks was non-tendered last night, along with Peter Moylan, although Petah may end up coming back. It’s doubtful Brooks will, as he was non-tendered despite not being arbitration-eligible.

As is the Braves bench has only two openings, with Matty D., Hinske and Ross all signed for 2012. One assumes back-ups who can play SS and CF will take the final two spots.

Too bad Brooksie is a liability with the glove because you could argue he’s the best pinch-hitter the Braves ever had. In fact, has any pinch hitter been more consistently clutch than Brooks was in 2010?

May 10: Braves trailing 9-6. Conrad hits walk-off grand slam, capping an eight-run comeback.

June 12: Brooks delivers the eventual game-winning suicide squeeze in the 9th against Minnesota.

July 24: Contrad slams go-ahead grand slam #2, against the Marlins.

Aug. 10: Brooksie’s two-run homer in the top of the 9th gives the Braves a 3-2 win over Houston.

Aug. 13: Another game-winning homer, off Hideki Kuroda of the Dodgers.

No need to bring up that Giants playoff game again. Brooks is responsible for a lot of great memories and, without him, the Braves probably don’t make the playoffs in ’10.

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1 Comment on Best to Brooksie

  1. I really he hope he’s able to catch on somewhere and do well. For my money, baseball is the cruelest of sports. A missed shot in basketball is not a huge deal, football is so chaotic, but when that baseball goes sliding through your legs, that’s the worst. He seems like a great guy and is obviously a good pinch hitter. Best wishes to him.

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