Munson the Brave

Before he became a Bulldog, Larry Munson was, briefly, a voice of the Braves. If only he had stayed and Milo Hamilton left.

Wouldn’t you have loved to hear Larry call Hank’s 715th?

Munson, who said baseball was his favorite sport, reminded me of Jack Buck, and I love Jack Buck. I can easily imagine Larry telling listeners to “go crazy, folks, go crazy” or say “I don’t believe what I just saw” and mean it.

Munson, Ernie, Skip and Pete would’ve been a helluva foursome. Now I’m being greedy.

The first year the Braves were in Atlanta, the television broadcasts were on WSB-TV. An occasional guest color commentator was former major leaguer Dizzy Dean. One memorable Friday night that first year during a rain delay, Dean warbled several verses of the Wabash Cannonball and purchased peanuts from a vendor in the stands, much to Munson’s on-air amusement.

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1 Comment on Munson the Brave

  1. When Don Sutton was inducted into HOF on July 26, 1998, all the Braves crew (Skip, Pete, Joe) went to Cooperstown for the day. Because of this, Larry Munson called the Braves game against the Pirates for both WSB and TBS. Braves won that day 2-1 as Greg Maddux beat the Pirates. Time of Game? 2:26. RIP Larry Munson!

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