Prado for Delmon Young rumor not even worth considering

Yes, Delmon Young looked impressive hitting those five homers in nine playoff games last month. And yes, the overall No. 1 pick of the 2003 draft has more raw ability than Martin, as he demonstrated in 2010 with a career-best .298, BA, 21 HR and 112 RBI. But talk of a Prado for Young trade better be just talk.

Here’s why:

  1. Young is Klesko-ian on defense, minus the hustle.
  2. He has a reputation as a clubhouse cancer; Martin is the ideal teammate.
  3. His OBP in 2011 was the same as Martin’s (.302). That’s likely an aberration for Martin, whose career OBP is .20 points higher than Young’s.
  4. Young will make more money than Martin in 2012 and will be eligible for free agency after the season, one year before Prado.
I see absolutely no reason why FW would even entertain such an offer.
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3 Comments on Prado for Delmon Young rumor not even worth considering

  1. rankin' rob // November 15, 2011 at 9:06 am //

    A clubhouse cancer is Fredi’s best bet to keep his job. He can stand back and say “I’m doing my best with these guys, but we just lack the chemistry…”

  2. Apparently this trade is brewing. If this goes down, FW will have failed miserably and there is much more behind the scenes with this. As you said, why trade a great guy and an above average player for a guy that may give you about the same production that isnt known to be a good guy…for the same money??? That is not an upgrade and it is not a salary dump. But we are suppose to be getting more money, but yet we arent going after anyone big???

    I am totally perplexed by this offseason so far. I thought things started great with the Lowe trade and the word that payroll would raise and now this? I am getting upset with FW and hope that there is alot more to this. I am a fan of Prado and dont agree with trading him. Who plays 3rd when Chipper is hurt and you dont really lose much? Uhhhh?? Anyone??

  3. Greenville Braves // November 15, 2011 at 2:24 pm //

    This would be a foolish, foolish move. Let’s hope FW has more sense than to go through with something like this.

    Keep Martin in Atlanta.

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