Rumored Colorado offer for Prado doesn’t thrill me

Seth Smith and CF prospects Charlie Blackmon/Tim Wheeler for Martin? I’d require Wheeler as the second player in that deal and even then I’m not sold.

At first glance, the Braves should jump at the chance. After all, Smith, 29, boasts an .833 lifetime OPS and is coming off a solid campaign.

Take away games at Coors Field, however, and Smith’s numbers (.257, .332 OBP, .418 slugging) are underwhelming. The left-handed hitting former Ole Miss QB has only a .202 lifetime BA against southpaws.

A Smith/Diaz platoon in LF doesn’t excite me much. However, Wheeler, 23, is coming off a breakout season at Double-A Tulsa, batting .287 with 33 homers, 28 doubles, 21 steals, a .365 OBP and a .535 slugging, so he’s worth pondering.

John Sickels had this to say about Wheeler, ranked 12th among Texas League prospects by Baseball America:

The big change this year is greater home run output. He is pulling the ball more frequently for distance power. The tradeoff is an increased strikeout rate, more than once per game this year, and that could cause some adjustment issues at higher levels. He’ll take a walk, which increases the value of his speed on the bases, although his stolen base success ratio leaves something to be desired. On defense, he’s played mostly center field in the minors, and he has acceptable range for the position. His arm is strong and accurate, and many scouts believe he will fit best in right field at the major league level.

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2 Comments on Rumored Colorado offer for Prado doesn’t thrill me

  1. None of the players CO is offering excite me. I wonder if there is a concern about Prado’s health.

  2. roadrunner // November 10, 2011 at 6:25 pm //

    Wren had a post season interview in which he was asked whether Prado’s struggles at the plate were related to his position change. Wren said something like, “Let me put it this way: it shouldn’t have been.” Something went down behind the scenes. Martin is as good as gone. It seems to me that he’s been Kawakami’d. I don’t like it.

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