Don’t trade Martin

On second thought, the Braves should hold onto Martin, unless someone is willing to overpay.


  • More teams than not need a third baseman.
  • Aramis Ramirez will be dramatically overpaid by one of those teams.
  • The Braves will likely need a full-time replacement for Chipper in 2013.

Why trade Prado now when you’ll have to find a replacement in a year? Why not expect Martin to bounce back?

His hustle and selflessness would be missed. Martin belongs here.

Although I like JJ a helluva lot more than some stat-obsessed fans, now seems like a good time to deal him. The market is thin on pitching, JJ would probably fetch a lot and the Braves have plenty of potential replacements.

If the Braves had a stud ready to succeed Chipper, I might think differently about dealing Martin. Since they don’t, Martin should stay put.

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2 Comments on Don’t trade Martin

  1. My sentiments exactly…couldnt have phrased it better myself.

  2. Agreed, unless of course we get a great 3B prospect in return for him or JJ.

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