Jim Clancy’s claim to fame

Jim Clancy may have been the Scott Linebrink of the ’91 team but 20 years ago Saturday night he was the pitcher of record in the first World Series game won by the Atlanta Braves.

He did so by retiring one batter — Minnesota hurler Rick Aguilera, who lined to deep center to end the top of the 12th. Aguilera, the Twins’ seventh pitcher, gave up a single to Justice in between fly ball outs by Gant and Brian Hunter in the bottom half of the inning. We all remember the Lemmer’s game-winning single but tend to forget it was made possible by a steal of second by the Braves right fielder, who was 8-for-16 in SB attempts during the regular season.

If Justice hadn’t been successful the game would’ve continued into the 13th and the Bravos would’ve been dependent on Clancy, who had a 5.71 ERA and 1.442 WHIP after being acquired from Houston, to hold serve. Not a pretty thought.

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4 Comments on Jim Clancy’s claim to fame

  1. PepeFreeUs // October 23, 2011 at 4:14 am //

    The fact that Aguilera’s ball stayed in the yard gives Jim a clear edge over Linebrink.

  2. Wow… I just learned via the Baseball Reference blog that the all-time leader in World Series HR while DHing is none other than Ryan Klesko, who hit 3 HR as a DH at Jacobs Field.

  3. living here in toronto he was spot on from 77 to mid 80’s,,,,,,, very underrated ,,,,,was a workhorse that finally broke down after he left toronto and the bravos picked him up and petry,,,but got it correct with pena

  4. clete boyer fan // October 24, 2011 at 12:12 pm //

    Jim Clancy’s distinction as the first Atlanta Braves pitcher to win a World Series game has won me a lot of bar bets over the years.

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