See ya, D-Lowe

#Braves GM Wren said he doesn’t project Lowe having spot in starting rotation. Trade or bullpen are options.

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6 Comments on See ya, D-Lowe

  1. FW said on 680 this afternoon that DLowe’s salary won’t factor into equation and that he wants top 5 performers in the starting rotation. Also said he had an interview with Parrish Thursday morning and Parrish didn’t answer the questions right.

    Both steps in the right direction, IMO.

  2. Sounds like FW is kickin’ a little ass.

  3. I think he has a shot of excelling in middle relief… which is good because he has absolutely no trade value.

  4. Definitely glad to see Wren wielding the sword. It would have been appalling if they organization would have just sat back and accepted what happened and just attributed it to the “baseball God’s”.

    Two good moves today.

  5. What a novel idea: put the best players on the field and the best pitchers in their proper roles. As Al Giardello used to say, “I ask for so little.”

    As for that interview, I’m picturing something like…

    FW: “So, what’s your plan going forward?”

    Parrish; “Be aggressive!”

    FW; “How do you plan to help Heyward?”

    Parrish: “Tell him to swing as hard as he can at everything he sees!”

  6. Wow. If we had made this decision a week ago.

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