Bud’s folly comes a year too late for Braves fans

By 2013 the Used Car Salesman will have further devalued the regular season by adding a second wild card team in each league.

If enacted now what little drama has existed this last week would be wiped out, as the Angels and Giants were eliminated days ago.

Bud’s not through destroying the game yet.

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8 Comments on Bud’s folly comes a year too late for Braves fans

  1. Would you trust Linebrink with a 10 run lead? Me neither. Fredi is worthless. I would live or die with a rookie before I entrusted my season that that piece of shit.

  2. Greenville Braves // September 28, 2011 at 11:04 pm //

    This was a sad way to go. Really sad. And so we look to next year.

  3. And who gives up two bombs to the Rays to hand them the Wild Card? PROCTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can’t believe that sumbitch still has a job.

  4. Scott Proctor, the Yankees gift that keeps on giving to the Rays. I’m fairly certain that the Tampa players will vote the son of a gun a playoff share.

  5. Small solace but seeing those assholes walk off the field all shell shocked in Balmer was enjoyable (most of their “fans” are chilling in various drunk tanks around the nation and are in for a double size hangover when they’re told the news tomorrow. Or Friday.)

    As much as this hurts us, they took a lot of attention away with their collapse.

    Let’s not say Proctor never did anything for us.

  6. I have to say that living in Boston and having a loathing for the Red Sox, it takes the sting out of our collapse to hear the gnashing of teeth and self pity that going on around here this morning.

    I’m glad in a way not to have the agony of watching these current Braves continue. This team was highly unlikely to win in a showdown with St Louis, let alone win a playoff series.

    In reading the quotes after the game last night, it’s clear that the team lacked a leader to stop individuals from trying to do too much, to keep the team focused on winning, as opposed to not losing. Nothing against Chipper, but remember when Terry Pendleton would make trips to the mound to counsel the young staff we had at the time? TP would not have hesitated to pay a visit to Kimbrell last night and calm him down. We had no one behind the plate or in the infield who could do this in 2011. As for the manager, would Bobby Cox have let a team get into a losing mindset? Do you think he would have still have been managing from the dugout after the Bourn play?

    This wasn’t a fun team to watch this year. It sucked watching good hitters flail away, mired in prolonged funks. It was maddening to watch a cretinous manager make aggressive in-game moves like having everyone bunt (including *&%$ pinch hitters), and then be completely passive when it came to interacting with humans. There’s been recent evidence that the Neanderthals didn’t completely disappear 25,000 years ago; they bred with and were subsumed by modern humans. Fredi is proof of that. I won’t be excited about this team until he is gone.

  7. If this keeps up, I would hope Fredi would be be gone after next season. But it is the Braves, so Fredi’s exit would probably mean the dawning of the glorious new Jeff Torborg Era, or something as equally horrifying.

  8. Fredi didn’t manage last night. He clearly just allowed players to do whatever. How else do you explain Bourne reaching late and standing on 1st base for 2 entire batters before running on the automatic 3-2-2 count. There is absolutely no excuse for not sending him in that spot, regardless of whether or not Bourne was willing to take off on his own.

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