Worst fans ever

Tampa has a $39 million payroll and a roster full of exciting, homegrown players. Once again they’re slaying the dragons in the AL East, but their 12 fans could give a shit. Tonight’s attendance, with the Yankees in town, no less: 18,722.

Okay, so your stadium sucks, and it’s poorly located. Whatever. You are the most pathetic fans I’ve ever seen. The worst. Bar none. Ownership should be allowed to move the team whenever and wherever they feel. They’d be better off in Fargo than in your central Florida wasteland.

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25 Comments on Worst fans ever

  1. Jerry Lundegaard is their PR guy.

  2. That is the most ignorant thing I’ve ever heard in my life. First of all, the Tampa area is one of the worst economic regions in the US. Second of all, not many stadiums can claim 72 degrees everyday 0 postponements a year. 3rd of all, its not in central florida (thats orlando), its on the gulf coast with some of the nicest beaches in all of the world. Also, the fans that do show up bring some of the best energy in sports, and the Rays have excellent TV and radio ratings. Please give me a comeback to that.
    The Rays Rant- http://yossif.mlblogs.com/

  3. 18,000, at least a 1/3 of which were Yankees fans. I know there’s some real fans down there, but not many.

  4. There are plenty, but not many that show up to games. You’re still not responding about your ignorant remarks that are deceiving and untrue.

  5. Showing up to games is part of being a fan, hate to tell ya. We give it to Braves fans, too, but we’re freaking St. Louis compared to Tampa. The Rays deserve better.

  6. But the economy is horrible and you have no comeback to what I said about the Trop.

  7. You say nice things about the Trop, which damns your case. One rationale for Tampa’s poor attendance is the stadium, so if it isn’t that bad, as you apparently claim, than Rays fans are even more pathetic than I assumed.

  8. Economy is horrible everywhere.

  9. look up the unemployment rates by region on google please. Also, it is a lie to say that the stadium is the reason for not going. The heat index is 100 degrees or storming every single day of the summer. And I mean every single day. I lived there my whole life, I would know.

  10. It’s not like Atlanta’s economy has been a model of consistency and stability, and even an apathetic fan base in the ATL is putting y’all to shame. Hell, I’ve seen more gNats fans at games up here lately, and they aren’t even playing for anything. Also, CB’s right–if the stadium and weather are so lovely, why the hell aren’t more people going. Bottom line, I think someone is trolling for more readers, and pickin’ a fight seemed an easy way to do it.

  11. We’re at 10.52% unemployment, y’all are at 11.58. Statistically significant, perhaps, but not exactly the gulf you’d expect us to believe.

  12. its still a good 20 minutes away from the nice beach area. And ya that 11.58 is horrible, and your comparing it to Atlanta which is also bad and its still a lot worse!!!!! Also the Braves have already established a fan base by having a franchise for decades, unlike the 13 year old rays

  13. And I’m not trolling at all, I’m defending the team a blog about and providing facts for the ignorant people that need them.

  14. Braves fans are worse than Rays fans? Really?

  15. I didn’t say that! When did I say that?

  16. I didn’t even say you had bad fans at all, in fact I didn’t even mention ATL fans.

  17. I was talking about the economy not the fans!!!! Really?!?

  18. I read The Extra 2% and let me say – the Rays organization and its fans are great. HOWEVER, there simply aren’t enough of ya to support a major league baseball team. Especially in the most competitive division in baseball.

  19. What’s worse, fans that don’t come to games or those who do and vomit on others on purpose?

  20. “Come to Tropicana Field! It’s … ummm … air conditioned!” LOL

  21. Ive been to the trop once and its a horrible venue for baseball. Good people, though. I think the problem here is the snobbies that have ocean front homes with pools, docks, beer and women watching the game on a flat screen on the back deck is much more appealing than going to, ‘The Trop’.

  22. It’ll be interesting to see if the Marlins’ new stadium helps their dismal attendance; if it does then I think that would be a good sign for the Rays, were they to invest in a new stadium that might provide a better viewing experience.

    It is a shame that they’ve been so competitive the last few years and have not been able to drum up enough interest to fill the stadium when the club is about to knock off the Bosox for that last playoff spot.

  23. A team that has had as good a recent run as the Devil Rays still can’t draw more than 19,000 per game? That team has as good a case for relocation as any. Once they were free from the incompetent Naimoli, they’ve been a model franchise. Once they became a contending team, they have received the most modest bump in attendance of any championship contender that I can recently remember. (The Marlins, of course, don’t count. Huizenga screwed over the team’s fans and Loria has carried on that tradition).

  24. I’ve been to the Trop – granted the walls of the stadium look like the walls in a circa 1985 McDonalds in Forest Park, GA (I’m talking about those mysteriously stained, bumpy wall panels that used to be in every fastfood restaurant bathroom in the land) and yes, they have male, dancing cheerleaders on the dugout roofs in between innings (eat your heart out Derek Schiller), but the location really isn’t all that bad on the periphery of St. Pete. You could definitely hit a few bars and make your way down to the ballpark.

    It sucks, because they have a really good team.

  25. P.S. Fuck you Derek Lowe and the non-hitting line-up. What absolute garbage.

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