Hanson leaves rehab start early; Moylan may have pitched last game as a Brave

Mark Bowman
mlbbowmanMark Bowman
Hanson completed just 2 IP in Instrux today because of discomfort in his right lat. Will attempt to throw a side Sunday.
Mark Bowman
mlbbowmanMark Bowman
Moylan has a torn labrum and rotator cuff. Will see Andrews.
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9 Comments on Hanson leaves rehab start early; Moylan may have pitched last game as a Brave

  1. rankin' rob // September 23, 2011 at 5:22 pm //

    Hanson’s motion might be a fatal flaw. Moylan may have been rushed back and could be done. Not good in either event. Good thing we have some young arms ready to come up.

  2. That looks like the last of Moylan. I’ll miss him. Hanson’s problems are no surprise. Wren might want to consider holding on to JJ.

  3. Shouldn’t we have a visit from the Good Times youtube clip here?

  4. If the Phillies had to go the whole last month with just one of their aces, Jamie Moyer and three rookies, ESPN and most of the baseball media would have a week long telethon for them. The wailing could be heard in Ecuador.

  5. I am concerned about Hanson & JJ. JJ is just appearing to be injury prone and Hanson having the shoulder issue is a concern. Shoulder surgery is not automatic back to good like TJ is. Some never can come back. We have great pitching depth, but we all see what happened this year when we lost Hanson, JJ, and Lowe had his worst year. The rotation is entirely too inexperienced. It makes me wonder with the guys like JJ, Prado, & Heyward always having these nagging injuries, are these players being handled correctly as far as strength & conditioning is concerned? And this is the first year that I have begun to wonder about McDowell and how he handles stretching out the staff and teaching efficiency to the starters. For the past few years now we have over worked our bullpens and been near the bottom of the league in complete games.

  6. I’ve never had much confidence in McDowell.

  7. rankin' rob // September 24, 2011 at 5:46 am //

    Conditioning is always an issue with the Braves. I think we lead the lead annually in strained and torn obliques.

    As for the pitching staff, bring back Leo.

  8. I think you’re right. Chipper said that he was out of breath after last night’s rundown. When it came to conditioning, Bobby was still in the ’60’s and it seems like not much has changed under the Fredi Haas regime.

  9. Yeah, I’ve thought many many times over the past couple years that the team needs to have a new strength and conditioning coach. We see way too many injuries that seem like they could be prevented with a proper exercise and stretching regime.

    Pulled muscles, strained muscles, sore joints, etc. The baseball season is extremely grueling at 162 games a season over the course of about 180 days; doesn’t give much time for off days or rest. I’m not sure what the routine is for the guys now, but it seems that if they were putting in 3-4 days a week of moderate weights and cardio in the mornings, and maybe some yoga or something to work on their muscle stamina that these things would go away somewhat.

    But this is something that should definitely be addressed, especially down in the minors so that the young guys can get used to the routine before they make it to the bigs.

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