The Braves’ second-best starter assesses his season

Terrible. That’s the only word I can say. This has been a long year. Probably the worst year I’ve ever had.

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7 Comments on The Braves’ second-best starter assesses his season

  1. I know he’s sucked this year, and tonight was a complete disaster, but I still remember that first game Derek Lowe pitched for the Braves against the Phillies in 2009 and how wonderful it was. I’m always going to have a soft spot for Derek just because of that game.

    That being said, Oh please God in HEAVEN let him be a Tiger next year.

  2. I like the guy, a lot. I really wish he could have been anything like that good for more than a month at a time.

    Coming off of a year in which we had to run guys like Jorge Campillo and Buddy Carlyle(both of whom I felt did as well as, or better than, you could reasonably expect), out there every fifth day, I really wanted to stock up on quality arms and I thought he would be one but it just hasn’t worked out and it’s not going to.

  3. I’m sure Derek’s DIPS, FIP, and WAR are still ace-like. You guys are too ignorant to recognize his greatness.

  4. Actually based on vTss$$*fTH and MaDeUpStaT, Lowe’s performance last night was adequate. My number crunching has revealed that it was actually Jair Jurrjens’ fault we lost the game. Also something something about small sample size and BABIP. Why no, I’ve never kissed a girl, why do you ask? :)

  5. In fairness to him, he could be completely oblivious to he fact that he’s been awful. The front office had a choice between him and AJ Burnett, neither have lived up to expectations. Funny thing is, SI had an article using sabremetrics to support Burnett staying in the Yankee rotation for the playoffs. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

  6. rankin' rob // September 17, 2011 at 7:54 am //

    All I know is the Cards looked like a playoff team last night and we didn’t. If we spit the bit it will not be a good start to the Fredi Haas era.

  7. I’ve done some numbers crunching. Derek Lowe’s worst ERA in one season (not including his first season, when he only started 9 games) was 5.42, and he went 14 – 12 that year with a 1.615 WHIP. That was 2004 when he won a World Series with the Red Sox.

    This year he’s going to be close to matching his season-worst ERA and WHIP, so if history is any guide…

    I like Derek Lowe though – at least he admits what we all see, and that sucks, because it obviously isn’t easy for him either. It just sucks that we really need him to step it up because of Hanson and Jurrjens being unavailable, and he just doesn’t have this year what he had last September.

    I guess there’s still the possibility, but I think ultimately our playoff fate will rest in the hands of Beachy, Minor, and Delgado – which won’t be a bad thing if they’re every allowed to pitch more than 5 or 6 innings.

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