The most revealing stat about Derek Lowe: 3

That’s the number of games this season in which Lowe has completed seven innings. He’s yet to see the 8th inning in 2011  and tonight marked the fourth time he failed to reach the 5th.

If he’s Atlanta’s second-best starter, the Braves are screwed. That, I can quantify.



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9 Comments on The most revealing stat about Derek Lowe: 3

  1. Amen. I was going to suggest shutting him down for the rest of the year and have Teheran take his place, until the 4th inning that is.

  2. It’s a shame Teheran had to come in to do mop up duty as well; I’d rather him at least get a clean slate to start with than be handed this piece of shit game that D. Lowe started.

    I don’t see how we can trust him at all in the starting rotation, assuming we hobble into the playoffs (at the moment, the Cards are tied with Philly in extra innings…).

  3. On another note – how many times in the past few years has a team come into Turner Field on an extended losing streak and just embarrassed the Braves?

    The Mets had no business even winning tonight, let alone putting up 11 runs (so far), and the Braves just look completely helpless. So frustrating…

  4. Isn’t this the second time this season that Collins threw a hissy fit right before the start of a series with the Braves and had them respond this way? He’s a pathetic, thin skinned martinet and they’re a bunch of gutless losers. This game doesn’t change that.

    As for Lowe…I swear to god that he’s starting to threaten Bob Walk and Len Barker. Nine and fucking FIFTEEN. You have to be one seriously pedantic asshole to try and make a sandwich from that pile of chickenshit.

  5. Lowe is done. He should be the 5th starter for the playoffs. In other words – done. Hopefully Hanson can bounce back.

    At this point, the rotation should be Hudson, Beachy, Minor, Hanson, and Delgado. Lowe shouldn’t start another game. I’d love to have JJ right now.

  6. williemontanez // September 16, 2011 at 11:51 pm //

    Hudson and Beachy have to give us good starts or Chipper can just go ahead and start making his October hunting plans.

    It is possible Derek Lowe could lose 17 games for a 90 win club.

  7. Fuck you very much, Derek Lowe.

  8. If Hanson can come back — and that looks likely — then Lowe gets dropped from the first round. The silver lining in the this putrid outing is that it goes far in dissuading Wren from keeping him in the postseason rotation. One more crappy start should seal the deal. I’m hoping he gets rocked again.

  9. RLR's Squeeze // September 17, 2011 at 9:01 am //

    The next time someone starts to show me stats about how good Derek Lowe is, despite the fact that he gets crushed every outing, or shows me some pretty graph with WAR or some other shit, I am going to start hitting them with my shoe. Willie M. said it above – he could lose 17 games for a team that is 20+ over .500. It’s the opposite of Steve Carlton’s 1972 campaign. Of course, Carlton probably only had a .003621 WAR that year, so he sucks and shouldn’t be in the Hall of Fame.

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