Two weeks after Dragon*Con

Gotta love the geniuses in the Braves’ promotions department, always relevant, never desperate.


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6 Comments on Two weeks after Dragon*Con

  1. If they are going to continue the movie theme next year, I suggest having a Westworld night. They could have robotic gunfighters going rogue and shooting the paying customer. Certainly an icebreaker.

  2. Hoepfully Chewy will get some at bats. He’s got some pop in his bat even if he is slow on the basepaths.

  3. DAMMIT. I’m going on the 17th! Styx definitely is not better than Star Wars.

    And holy crap, we won a game…

  4. Are Tommy Shaw and JY still running around without DeYoung and calling themselves Styx? Are they still doing the songs that he wrote that made them all rich while badmouting him in the press every chance they get?

  5. rankin' rob // September 14, 2011 at 8:58 am //

    Trivia question for 70’s era Braves fans–who had more range, Jeff Burroughs or R2D2?

  6. Barry Bonnell at 3B.

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