Why I’ll never boo Martin

The dude cares. Too much, perhaps, but how many professional athletes can you say that about?

The Braves left fielder is struggling mightily, and he doesn’t hide the fact  it’s eating at him. He’s hit .220 with one homer and a .273 on-base percentage in 150 at-bats during his past 36 games.

“People think that it’s easy,” he said quietly Sunday morning. “It’s not easy. It’s hard to go to sleep like that. It’s hard.”

Martin breaks out of it tonight. I’ll be cheering him regardless, from our Henry Aaron seats behind home plate (thanks again, Duane).

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9 Comments on Why I’ll never boo Martin

  1. WillieMontanez // September 12, 2011 at 4:14 pm //

    Wow – Duane from Forest Park really hooked you up!

  2. If that guy who always wears the ’80’s style royal blue cap is there in his seat in the first row, tell him I like his style.

  3. Gonzales got a clutch hit? Sweet.

    C’mon Freddie, get this run in.

  4. Aww dammit. Extra innings again.

  5. duanesammons // September 12, 2011 at 10:23 pm //

    Wow, looks like ya’ll seats to another nail biter. McCann up twice with the winning run in scoring position and he can’t put the ball in play either time. So frustrating watching him at the plate right now. And Prado absolutely smoked that ball to end the 11th. If the shortstop doesn’t stab that, you have to think Constanza scores from second…

  6. Great seats, shitty outcome. Thanks again Duane.

    At least the Cards lost.

  7. Yeah, thanks again, Duane. Great seats. I even got a foul ball. Gave it to a kid and got quite a round of applause. But who wouldn’t give a ball to a kid?

  8. duanesammons // September 13, 2011 at 8:32 am //

    Haha, awesome. Glad you guys had a great time. Sorry they weren’t able to pull out the win. I actually caught the end of the Pirates/Cards game… this is the time of year where it’s great having MLB.tv.

  9. If you want a laugh, check out Capitol Avenue Club’s analysis of Lowe’s season thus far. And remember, Spahn was a knuckleballer.

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