It’s good the Braves have pitching depth, because they’re going to be without sore-shouldered Tommy Hanson longer than anticipated.

His scheduled bullpen session Tuesday at Wrigley Field was cancelled after Hanson felt soreness again in his troublesome pitching shoulder, this time following a mere nine-pitch throwing session Monday. That was the first time he threw from a mound since Aug. 6.

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7 Comments on MMMCrap

  1. Well, aside from one inning last night, Minor looked pretty good again. I could definitely see him gaining confidence with each outing (and hopefully some stamina to at least go 6 innings), so hopefully he’ll be able to fit right into Tommy’s spot until he’s able.

    I guess this means we don’t get to try the 6-man rotation though…

  2. Viva Rufino Linares! // August 24, 2011 at 7:46 am //

    If they didn’t have 3 other pitchers than can perform more than admirably, this news would have crushing. Still, want Tommy to come back for the playoffs, but if ok w/ Minor, Delgado and Teheran filling in.

  3. duanesammons // August 24, 2011 at 7:47 am //

    Minor looked pretty sharp going against a strong-hitting lineup with a plethora of right-handed bats. He didn’t get all the help in the world from his defense at times, but he kept the team in the game. Can’t say enough about the bullpen’s ability to secure the lead. A great job by Sherrill getting Pena with runners on the corners – although, if we pair up the Brewers in the first round of the playoffs, it’s realistic to think he won’t make the roster.

  4. It’ll be interesting to see if Delgado and/or Teheran make the postseason roster for long relief work. Minor was good last night. Dumb pitching against Ramirez when he knocked in two. Glavine had just said don’t throw anything close to a strike and, bang, two-run double on a pitch over the plate. Walk him there and the bases are loaded, yes. But they simply cannot get that guy out right now. He even got a lucky hit against Kimbrel. I’m hoping Hanson is back in time for October, but if not we push ahead. We’re much better equipped than other teams to handle that kind of loss. If need be, Fredi could go to the pen in the fourth or fifth inning during the playoffs, at least once or twice. We could have a half dozen guys you’re comfortable with pitching in a close game.

  5. Ya the pitching depth has been the key for the Braves down the stretch.
    Check out The Rays Rant:

  6. Jack Straw // August 24, 2011 at 11:09 am //

    I worried about Hanson’s delivery in a post here two (2) years ago. He seems to use his shoulder too much and his legs not enough.

    Glavine’s work behind the microphone is very good with, I think, one exception: He needs to speak a little more slowly. I have never been a broadcaster, but I kind of think that you need to speak to the slowest common denominator.

  7. PepeFreeUs // August 24, 2011 at 4:58 pm //

    Chip already does that.

    I don’t even really dislike Chip all that much but that was just sitting there on the tee…

    I think Mike wanted to bury that pitch to Ramirez down and in and make him swing over it but just didn’t get it there.

    Still, too dangerous a pitch to try to the only guy doing consistent damage. Glad it didn’t sink the ship.

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