Rowland 1, stat geeks DUNN

I’ve been consistent in my loathing for Adam Dunn, who plays baseball as if it was a lunchroom and he was its janitor. But the stat geeks have always loved him because he walks a lot and has power. Never mind all the strikeouts (notice how K’s are so important for pitchers but irrelevant for hitters), shitty defense and general malaise.

The aptly named Big Donkey has THREE singles against southpaws this season. No homers. No doubles. No triples, natch. He’s hitting .037 vs. lefties, .207 vs. righties. His OPS: .595.

Dunn vows to be in better shape next season. Guess the four-year, $56 million contract given to him last winter wasn’t enough of an incentive.

Has there ever been a worse contract?

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6 Comments on Rowland 1, stat geeks DUNN

  1. Jon Koncak. Oh you meant baseball? Koncak was the worst contract in any professional sport or any other business venture.

  2. Alfonso Soriano, Barry Zito, Vernon Wells…

  3. It’s pretty bad when the Yanks got Carl Pavano and Randy Johnson, it wasn’t any better.
    Check out The Rays Rant:

  4. Zambrano…

  5. Those are all bad contracts, but none of those players have been as atrocious as Dunn. THREE hits against lefties ALL year. Gonzo’s BA is better by .70 points. Dunn’s the worst.

  6. Kevin Brown’s deal with the Dodgers was horrendous. Chan Ho Park-Rangers. Rockies-Hampton/Neagle. Dunn has three more years on his deal to turn it around or make it even worse. Wonder what Ozzie Guillen thinks of the big oaf.

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