Ernie at his best

This may have been Ernie’s most memorable call: Game 13, 1982, in Claudell we trust. Starts at 2:40 mark.

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7 Comments on Ernie at his best

  1. I’ve seen a lot baseball in a lot of cities, and the Braves had the best announcers for a long, long time. I think only Vin Scully and Red Barber compare, but was there ever a better team than Pete, Ernie and Skip?

  2. Thanks for posting that. Tremendous. Tremendous to hear real enthusiasm and class that Ernie Sr. brought.

    A few other notes:

    *forgot that Rafael Rameriz once wasn’t fat.

    *was Hank a first base coach?

    *interesting to see the Confederate Flag around the 2:40 mark. Nothing says it’s baseball time in Atlanta like the rebel flag.

    *great to see Knock-a-Homa.

    *Joe Torre and Brett Butler and their premature exodus from Atlanta signaled all that would go wrong for the franchise in the next six years.

    *great to see a crowd, a real crowd, invested in the action on the field (not on their cell phones, not being bombarded with miley cyrus over the loud speakers), just watching the beautiful game. sort of like last night.

  3. Dude from Duluth // August 13, 2011 at 8:33 am //

    Thanks for posting this. God bless Ernie.

    Was that Darrell Chaney in the booth with him during game 13?

  4. That was Chaney in the booth, and Tommie Aaron in the first base coach’s box.

  5. When did crowds stop storming the field in baseball stadiums after a big win or historic event? It still happens in college sports regularly but in sports videos up throught the 70s and 80s you see this regularly.

  6. seems like yesteday,. I was 11 when that happened. My parents let me stay up.

    Skip had the humor, Pete had the facts, Ernie was home.

    God I miss them.

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