Portrait of THE fan

Enjoy this 1983 SI profile of Pearl Sandow, who attended more than 3,700 Atlanta Crackers and Braves games.

Aisle 105, row 9, seat 1 is her accustomed spot, behind the Braves’ dugout, and she even receives mail there, though the Braves office forwards it to her home. “I get mail from players I knew who passed through Atlanta 30 years ago,” she says.

In 1975 the Braves gave Sandow a lifetime pass, but she’s uncomfortable accepting “charity,” so she promptly purchased a season ticket for the seat next to her. “I bought that seat to keep my purse on,” she says. “Besides, I don’t want someone there talking all the time. I want to watch the game.”

Sandow was a head statistician for the U.S. Housing Assistance Bureau and worked for the government for 33 years, or until she qualified for her pension. Then she quit because “work interfered with baseball.” …

She was to have been a reluctant witness at the last game ever played at Ponce de Leon Park. It was on a Friday night in September of 1964, between the Crackers and Jacksonville. “I hope it starts raining Friday afternoon and rains all Friday night,” she had said. “It will be so hard, seeing a game in this park for the last time. I’d rather have the game rained out and have it go out that way.”

Pearl got her wish. The game was called because of rain.

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  1. From my hometown!

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