Tonight’s theme: Stupidity

Tommy Hanson pitched like John Thomson crossed with Kyle Davies, and though his stats say stud he’s yet to pitch in the 8th inning this year. He’s improving, no doubt, but if I had to win a game tomorrow JJ gets the call. A healthy Huddy would be next. Hanson’s just not there yet.

As for Fredi  Haas (who was the first to coin that — speak now so proper credit can be given) …  is there any justification for pitching Kimbrel in the 9th? He’s coming off consecutive strong outings. Then Fredi brings him in to a situation in which closers routinely fail. It was Kimbrel’s third appearance in four days. There were other options. Yet 22 needless pitches were thrown.

At least Uggla finished with two promising AB’s. There’s still a decent chance he’ll emerge from his slump. What are the odds Fredi suddenly becomes smart?

A quick aside: Brian Jordan doesn’t hold back. He’s greatly improved behind the mic. More BJ, no Chip.

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3 Comments on Tonight’s theme: Stupidity

  1. PepeFreeUs // May 28, 2011 at 12:01 am //

    “Fredi Haas” is mine.

    Glad you’ve come around on Brian. Sometimes he’s wrong but he’s never been a bullshitter.

  2. Jack Straw // May 28, 2011 at 8:01 am //

    Hanson pitched better than his line would show. It is wearing to pitch when your offense is being shut down yet again; a pitcher becomes defensive instead of attacking the hitters. With just a couple exceptions, Hanson has pitched excellent baseball this year, giving us a chance to win almost every time out. I am not impressed so far with Fredi’s bullpen management.

    I don’t mind Prado being thrown out at second. I’m glad to see the hustle. It was a VERY close play, and the Reds executed it. Next time they won’t.

    Chipper walked three times last night because pitchers know McCann is the last dangerous hitter they have to face. With Heyward out, we REALLY need Uggla to start hitting. That last night’s at-bats are “encouraging” is a sign of our diminished (abolished?) expectations.

  3. Agreed, I’m pro-Hanson despite last night’s outing, although his command was a bit all over the place.

    I’m not jumping on the anti-Fredi bandwagon just yet. I don’t buy the psychology that closers can only pitch with the lead. I do maybe question the decision of putting him period purely from a rest standpoint, but I think the game was pretty much lost after so many missed opportunities with men on base. Having the 22nd best batting average in the league is not going to cut it.

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