Not all Boston fans suck

Meet the Boston Braves Boosters — a dying breed who deserves your respect.

The only organized Boston baseball fans who actively despise the Red Sox, the BBB attend every Braves-Sox game to loudly cheer on the National Leaguers, and “really give it to the local nine and their fair-weather fans,” according to BBB president Gus Farnsworth. During games they ring cowbells and hold up signs featuring popular Booster slogans like, “If We’re Brave, Then What Are You?” and “Any Idiot Can Wear Sox.”

I had a chance to attend a Boston Braves Boosters meeting last October in Brookline, a stone’s throw away from the Braves’ old stomping grounds. They were celebrating both the playoff absence of the Red Sox (“those crimson-hosed Johnny-come-lately upstarts of Boston baseball,” as they’re colorfully described in the BBB charter), and the Boosters’ 57th anniversary. But to be honest, the proceedings felt more like a wake. Two members had passed away the previous month (the Boosters’ average age is 89.3), and their secretary had just been hospitalized with “a bad bout of consumption.”

Time’s running out on their dream to build a replica of Braves Field in the same location as the old park. They hope that one day the Braves/Bees will return to Boston. No chance of that, but God bless their Red Sox-hatin’ souls.

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1 Comment on Not all Boston fans suck

  1. roadrunner // April 25, 2011 at 10:41 pm //

    I used to go to their annual meetings. The once got Spahn and Sain to come. That was very cool.

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