Fox also to blame for Dodgers mess

Another reason Bud gave the Dodgers to the McCourts? As a favor to Fox, according to Bill Plaschke.

Worst commissioner ever.

Worst Dodgers owner ever.

A club that once employed nine Hall of Famers was being run by an owner whose payroll included his children and a Russian physicist hired to channel positive energy.

The more the McCourts took care of themselves, the more they ignored the fans, allowing the stadium to decay to the point where there is graffiti in bathrooms and endless lines at concession stands. In an attempt to attract younger fans, their loudspeakers played music that celebrated violence, their video board featured rules explanations from SnoopDogg, and when I asked Jamie McCourt about the appropriateness of it all, she just shrugged and giggled.

Having been to several games pre-McCourts, the idea of long lines and graffiti at Dodger Stadium blows my mind. The place was immaculate — a true baseball palace.

Plaschke’s postscript:

The disgraced owner wasn’t sitting in his box Wednesday, but his legacy was there, the smattering of fans in the stands easily able to hear the angry lyrics from a trademark McCourt pregame song.

“Kick some ass,” screamed the loudspeakers.

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3 Comments on Fox also to blame for Dodgers mess

  1. tokyokie // April 22, 2011 at 3:53 pm //

    Selig just wants owners who will vote as he likes. Whether they can or care to operate a franchise is of no concern. Which is why Selig prefers the McCourts to Mark Cuban.

  2. No way Ted circa ’76 would get a team these days.

  3. Tokyokie // April 22, 2011 at 7:45 pm //

    atl, Probably not, although nobody outside Atlanta knew what a maverick Ted was until after he bought the Braves. But I’m sure Selig would vet all the prospective owners to make sure he had a yes-man. Worst. Commissioner. Ever.

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