Phils less invincible by the day

Charlie Manuel says he’s worried about Chase Utley’s knee. He should be.

He’s not running, and he’s not doing anything in the way of lateral motion, as the Phillies don’t want to put any strain on his knee.

The Phils without Utley have an offense not much better than the Braves of last April. Their bench (Wilson Valdez, anyone?) is weak, and highly regarded rookie Dominic Brown’s broken hand will not only cost him games but valuable development time.

Not that I’m getting cocky or anything. We saw some pretty pedestrian offensive teams win division after division thanks to a Hall of Fame rotation, and Philly’s starting four all but guarantee contention.

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2 Comments on Phils less invincible by the day

  1. Remember the Braves of the past few years that constantly held opponents to one or two runs but couldn’t score? That’s the phillies this year.

  2. atlpaddy // March 8, 2011 at 9:09 pm //

    The Phils seem to be taking on the odor of mothballs. Mmm, smells like grandpa…..

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