Braves bench no longer a strength

When the 2010 season started, the Braves bench featured Matty D., Hinske, Infante, Ross and Conrad. If Fredi sticks with a 12-man pitching staff (I’d prefer 11), the ’11 Braves will be short at least one hitter, as Diory Hernandez appears a lock to stick with the parent club. Who else spells Gonzalez at short? Brooks?

Conrad will compete with Jordan Schafer and Matt Young for the last bench spot, but only if the Braves feel comfortable with Joe Mather backing up McOut in CF. And that assumes Mather, a career .233 hitter, makes the team.

FW had a nice winter, but let’s hope he’s not done. Some fine-tuning is required. Of the remaining free agents, Jerry Hairston Jr. (.244-10-50, 9 SB) would be the best fit. He’s played CF and SS in recent years.

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8 Comments on Braves bench no longer a strength

  1. Funny to see “spelling McOut”

  2. One last bat for the bench seems to be the last thing we need… our upper minor leagues are barren of hitters, save for Freeman of course. Wren said if Opening Day was today Schafer would be the backup center feilder, which is scary.

  3. Andruw’s still out there. Why would anyone prefer Hairston to Andruw? Rocks and Yanks show interest. I’m not suggesting a bidding war but wouldn’t he want to come back? Why haven’t the Braves put in a bid?

  4. I’ve already lobbied for Andruw. Hairston is just another option, and his defensive versatility would allow the Braves a little more flexibility.

    A bench with Schafer and Hernandez would be bad news for Brooks, and bad news for the Braves.

  5. rankin' rob // January 10, 2011 at 9:06 pm //

    Maybe we’re waiting for the Royals to cut Frenchy in Spring Training.

  6. More likely the Royals are waiting for the Braves to cut Schafer.

  7. Jack Straw // January 11, 2011 at 6:57 pm //

    This is it? I have assumed something would happen that would bring us a real, big league outfielder.
    Watching Chipper stagger through a season is gonna be bad enough, but watching him stagger through a season while feeling that his salary cost us a really good outfielder is gonna keep my blood pressure higher than the doctors recommend.
    Jordan Schafer shouldn’t be on the roster Opening Day. Poor bastard is hapless and hopeless. We are short a bona fide outfielder. You earlier post really makes me pine for a Gary Mathews type.

  8. We’re short a couple of outfielders. We have J-Hey and Prado. . . Can Prado play center and Hinske left? or Hinske, J-Hey in center and Prado in right? it’ll be moot when Chipper can’t play and either Prado or Hinske has to play third…

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