Compare and contrast

The Braves are close to signing Dan Uggla to a 5-year extension worth $60 million. Sounds like a lot, but, compared with the $126 million the Nats are paying Jayson Werth — one year Uggla’s senior — it’s a pretty reasonable deal.

Besides being younger, Uggla also has more career homers and RBI than Werth with a nearly identical lifetime .OPS.

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4 Comments on Compare and contrast

  1. I would never sign anyone over 4 years. I realize this would make me a very successful and temporarily employed GM, but that just my opinion/principle.

    Five years is better than seven years. If the Braves get 3 good seasons and one ok season out of the deal, I think that’s fine. For the 2011 season provides lineup protection and RH power.

  2. PepeFreeUs // December 17, 2010 at 2:43 am //

    Did anyone see Werth’s press conference? The bastard looked like he was in a hostage video.

    Enjoy all the scratch and the October leisure time, jackass.

  3. It’s almost a bargain. It even makes me nervous that we’re only “close”. Finish this deal. The last thing we can do is let the Uggla trade turn into a one and done rental. Getting him was a coup, but much less so if he immediately jumps to one of the evil behemoths, constructed of thousand-dollar bills, hellbent on eating our children.

  4. rankin' rob // December 17, 2010 at 10:58 pm //

    Dan’s right. This thing started with a rumor in a Boston paper a couple of days ago. Now there’s no follow up. But even if he is a rental, he’ll be playing for a contract which means he’ll have a monster season.

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