Stats du jour

Via DOB:

  • In 28 August games, the #Braves have scored 3 runs or fewer 11 times, and 8 runs or more eight times (10 or more five times)
  • Much as we’ve ragged on erratic ATL offense, check this: #Braves lead NL w/ 149 runs in Aug. & are 2nd with 36 HRs (#Phillies have 16 HRs) 8 minutes ago via TweetDeck
  • The #Phillies are 5-7 with a 2.62 ERA in past 12 gms. They’ve hit .184 with 6 homers and 28 runs in that stretch. No, seriously. 11 minutes ago via TweetDeck
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1 Comment on Stats du jour

  1. Jack Straw // August 31, 2010 at 5:11 pm //

    Ryan Howard has been cold, but history says he won’t stay that way. The Phillies only have one .300 hitter, Polanco. But they swept a very good San Diego club in San Diego while not hitting on all cylinders. There aren’t many games left. They have to start feeling the squeeze soon.

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