Numbers and such

  • 23,438: Sunday’s night’s attendance at the Trop for the finale of the Tampa-Boston series. The Rays are a great story and a fun team to watch, but no one in TSTP seems to care. Pathetic.
  • 38,170: Sunday’s attendance at The Ted. I hope that’s more about the Braves than Bark in the Park or the Christian rock band that played after the game. Hopefully we won’t see any of those embarrassing, Trop-like crowds this week against the Mets.
  • 240: Runs scored by the Bravos from the 7th inning on.
  • 5: Games separating the Braves and the Cards. Hard to figure what’s up with St. Louis, but any team with Wainwright, Carpenter and Pujols can’t be dismissed. That four-game series at The Ted weekend after next could be as a big as the last three games vs. the Phils. The Giants are actually ahead of the Cards in the WC race, but with Lincecum scuffling and Zito imploding I’m skeptical.
  • .391: Barbaro Canizares‘ batting average since the All-Star break. Too bad he can’t play CF.
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5 Comments on Numbers and such

  1. Sharon Egan // August 30, 2010 at 7:10 am //

    I drove up to Buford for the G-Braves on Sunday; Canizares smoked one over the left-center wall. Not sure if there’s a limit on September call-ups, but if McLouth gets a call and Canizares doesn’t, it’s a damned crime.

  2. rankin' rob // August 30, 2010 at 9:01 am //

    Hey now. McLout has his average all the way up into the .230s at AAA. He’s ready to rake!

  3. I went to a game at the Trop a few years back, just before they turned the corner, and there were about 20,000 there to see Wade Boggs get his number retired, and most of those happened to be Orioles fans since that’s who was in town. I parked across the street in a lot that I swear I could’ve hit the Trop with a 5 iron, and it was free parking. Seriously, right across the street. We then bought 5 tickets directly behind the plate, about 30 rows up, for like $110 total. Hell, I would go all the time if I lived there. Where else in the bigs do get a deal like that?

  4. The Trop is a total dump. The concourse walls are covered in the same bumpy plastic used in gas station bathrooms. I’m not kidding. Before the Rays got good, the only ‘Major League’ thing about the place was the presence of the opposing team.

    Oh, and they have dude cheerleaders dancing on the dugouts between innings. I guess it can get worse than Turner Field.

  5. Sadly, neither Canizares nor Freeman is on the 40-man roster, so unless we outright somebody like Jordan Schafer, we won’t be seeing them come September. Although I guess we could move Medlen and Chipper to the 60-day DL……

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