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Nice story in the AJC about the great Walter Banks:

Chatting recently with a family of five from Cincinnati, Banks suddenly noticed that the stadium clock read 7:14. He pondered this for maybe a millisecond before saying, “Babe Ruth hit 714 home runs, which you probably knew. But did you know that Jack Webb’s badge number on “Dragnet” was 714. Matter of fact, Tim Hudson was born on 7/14.”

He let this sink in before adding, “Hank Aaron and Eddie Mathews both hit their 500th home runs on 7/14, although one year apart, both against the Giants, incidentally, Mathews on 7/14/67, Aaron on 7/14/68.”

CD and I had a great conversation with Mr. Banks at a Braves function a few years back. Wish the team would bring back his trivia questions between innings instead of foisting loud obnoxious guy on us.

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  1. Tokyokie // July 20, 2010 at 8:57 pm //

    That’s really a cool story. I need to get to Atlanta and take in a game and get there way early in hopes that Walter sees me and strikes up a conversation. Wearing my Warren Spahn replica jersey might be a good idea, eh?

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