Braves will lose no ground on roadtrip

The local nine left Atlanta leading the Mets by two games and the Phils by five. After tonight’s win they’ve added two games to their lead. So no matter what happens the rest of the weekend, this road trip qualifies as a success.

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5 thoughts on “Braves will lose no ground on roadtrip

  1. Agreed, it’s all gravy from here until the ASG.

    Wish the Reds hadn’t taken it in the shorts tonight.

  2. and, we have the best record in the NL by one game over the Padres. Let’s try and keep that up at the break as well… only the Yankees and Rays have a better win pct.

  3. Will Wagner re-think his retirement? His performance has far exceeded my expectations. Soriano has pitched really well for Tampa Bay, but who else feels much more comfortable this year than last when we reach the 9th inning?

  4. I really, really like this team. We’re not having to rely on one or two hot hitters to come through offensively; there seems to be a new hero stepping up every game.

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