Movie Hell

Jim Belushi, as a Cubs fan, in an early 90s “comedy” named after a Bachman-Turner Overdrive song. I believe this was the reason Charles Grodin quit show business.

So you’ll know, the Cubs-bashing is just getting started.

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6 thoughts on “Movie Hell

  1. It’s a shame too because I always enjoyed Charles Grodin. Especially that scene in ‘So I Married An Axe Murderer’ when Anthony Lapaglia tries to commandeer Grodin’s vehicle and he says no, and ends up giving him a ride to the hotel instead. Funny…

  2. How about The Lonely Guy? Steve Martin: “Did you take a nap today?” Grodin: “No. I hate that feeling of waking up and remembering who I am.”

  3. He was great in “The Lonely Guy.” I liked his old CNBC talk show where he’d go on rambling rants about politics or manners or what have you. Not enough curmudgeons on screen these days.

  4. Grodin’s masterpiece is his performance opposite DeNiro in “Midnight Run.”

    I hate that movie with the twit kid who pitches for the Cubs a million times more than this.

  5. Grodin was always a great guest on the Tonight Show. He always had a way of turning around a conversation and making Johnny Carson nervous. It was always hilarious.

    As for this movie, I got sick to death of the lame commercial with Belushi and Mark Grace.

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