Smoltz for Congress?

God save us.

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13 thoughts on “Smoltz for Congress?

  1. I’ve been able to ignore that and concentrate on all of the good things he does for kids and in the community. If I see him on TV demanding that Obama produce proof he wasn’t born in Prague, it’s going to mess with my mind.

    I didn’t enjoy seeing Steve Largent (who I admired and enjoyed watching but never, ever, lived and died with like I did John) publicly turn into a hosehead. Seeing John do that would really fuck with my equilibrium.

  2. Please, no.

    Well, actually…maybe. If he runs, the press gets to have a field day with his personal life. I’m not so sure that’ll hold up to public scrutiny. And just what kinda smarts does he have, apart from baseball?

    Methinks maybe Smoltz could be Palin 2.0. That could be a disaster for the teapartards.

  3. “Do you have any qualms with Smoltz in Congress other than he’s a Religious right Republican?”

    Please don’t dress up his outspoken homophobia like it’s nothing for reasonable people to be concerned about.

  4. ” But I don’t want to get into politics on the Office.”

    After the outspoken and unprovoked anger, ignorance, and hatred in the above comments, I don’t blame you.

  5. Yeah I’m not big on this. I’d really only like to think of Smoltz as the bad-ass pitcher when I think of him. Plus, this could lead to a potential Smoltz/Shilling Presidential ticket.

    And Pepe, that rug really did tie the room together….

  6. “Dave, pretend I’m Walter Sobchak and you’re Donny.”

    atlpaddy, pretend I’m rubber and you’re glue…

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