Smoltzie to the Mets?

Ken Rosenthal says Minaya is targeting Smoltz after losing out on Ben Sheets. Smoltzie, and the Mets, must be desperate.


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18 thoughts on “Smoltzie to the Mets?

  1. NY Times mentioned that possibility, too. Sounds like Smoltz wants to keep at it till his arm spontaneously combusts. The Times story also noted that Santana and Oliver Perez played a “spirited game of catch” at the team’s spring training field yesterday. A game of catch is news for the Mets these days — that makes me laugh.

  2. Smoltz may need the money. Didn’t he go through a divorce not long ago? Also, he is borderline HOF; he may be thinking that a few more stats and/or a championship may put him over the line.
    Whatever the reason, it is like seeing your ex-wife with a short ugly guy.

  3. If he needs money, his accountant is M. C. Hammer.

    John Andrew Smoltz has always been incredibly competitive and focused. The traits that have made him great are keeping him from seeing that he’s likely done, at least as a starter. It’s not an uncommon phenomenon. Steve Carlton comes to mind, as does Spahn.

    I gritted my teeth enough last year, seeing how he was treated by those nouveau riche asswipes that make up “Red Sox Nation” these days. Imagining him subject to the shit that flies around from most of the clowns who follow NYC’s decidedly junior team makes me even sicker.

  4. How is he a mercenary? He turned down more money to stay with the Braves. I don’t blame any player for refusing to give up the game. I’d play as long they’d let me.

  5. ‘Eat shit, Dave.’

    You can curse all you want, but it doesn’t change a single action by John “The Merc” Smoltz.

  6. ‘No, your being a troll makes you a troll.’

    Certainly can’t argue with that logic; “Because pepefreeus says so.”

  7. Dave, face facts: everyone here hates you and wishes you would go away. Most sane people could proceed from there.

  8. “Dave, face facts: everyone here hates you and wishes you would go away. Most sane people could proceed from there.”

    Well, one of us is deluded. You make the call.

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