A realistic Lowe trade proposal

Baltimore reportedly has interest, though I’m not so naive to think we could get their promising young LF Nolan Reimold, a right-handed slugger, in return. His back-up may be another story. And Felix Pie is younger with a higher upside.

The former Cubs prospect put together a fine second half for the O’s, batting .290 with a .497 slugging percentage. Pie swings from the left side but has other qualities the Braves lack: a gifted defensive outfielder with speed, for one.

And he still has the potential to be an impact player — not a bad return for Derek Lowe. Baltimore may be willing to trade Pie as they boast a potentially outstanding trio of flychasers: Reimold, Adam Jones and Nick Markakis.

We could also take on Ty Wigginton‘s $3.5 million contract as salary relief. Wigginton bats from the right side and can play first and third — not a bad option off the bench.


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6 Comments on A realistic Lowe trade proposal

  1. Despite that he is arguably the best pitcher available, I think you underestimate the enormity of Lowe’s contract. If no one was willing to give 4 years at 15 per to a 36 year old coming off a solid year, why would they be willing to give up players to get 3 years at 15 per to a 37 year old coming off a mediocre year? Not saying we can’t get something decent for him/ save some money, I just think we’re going to have to eat money/ take a bad contract.

  2. I like it. Pie has very good possibilities, and Baltimore doesn’t need him nearly as much as they need a starting pitcher. Baltimore can afford Lowe; Wren could make them take the whole contract. That would be a good move. Pie is young enough that if he doesn’t pan out we can still get something for him.

  3. PepeFreeUs // December 22, 2009 at 1:14 am //

    In a heartbeat.

    And I agree with Jack’s analysis. It’s slim pickin’s on the starter market and I’m thinking Lowe is looking better and better to some teams.

  4. rankin' rob // December 22, 2009 at 9:55 am //

    Jon Heyman at SI.com is reporting that we’re trading Vasquez and Boone Logan to the Yanks for Melky Cabrera, Mike Dunn and a prospect. Not sure I would like that.

  5. BravesFanInTigersLand // December 22, 2009 at 10:20 am //

    And it’s confirmed. Melky’s ours. Great. Tigers aren’t the only ones dancing with the devil this year.

  6. WTF!!!! Vasquez should’ve gotten much more in return. How about Melky’s stat line for ’09 – .274 Avg 13 HR 68 RBI .336 OBP .416 SLG.

    Supposedly it frees up money for us to go after another bat, but unless they somehow get an Adrian Gonzalez (or similar) out of this I’m pretty pissed right now. They could’ve waited a little longer and easily swapped Lowe for someone of Melky’s caliber. Jeez…

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