Fay Vincent on ‘roid users, gamblers

Pretty funny quote from an NYT piece about the different tacts taken by A-Rod, Pete Rose and Clemens after their misdeeds:

“I think in some cases, it just comes down to intelligence, and Rodriguez is significantly more intelligent than Clemens and Rose,” Vincent said.

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10 thoughts on “Fay Vincent on ‘roid users, gamblers

  1. Nothing to see here. Move along. No steroids. Never happened. Just ask Mark McGwire or Bud Selig.

  2. I think Clemens could outdumb him, any day of the week. Pete’s less dumb than just a bad combo of ignorant and arrogant. Clemens is actually stupid.

  3. I heard Buster Olney on 790 this morning say that our best chance to trade for a big hitter could be Lowe for Milton Bradley, that the Cubs might be a willing partner. We do a salary dump and Bradley’s contract is light enough that we could cut him during the season if he was a disaster.

    I kind of like the idea of punctuating Bobby’s farewell tour with Milton Bradley assaulting umpires and getting into fistfights with fans. Cox could show his ‘player’s manager’ mettle one last time. As long as MB rips the ball I’ll be fine with it.

  4. I could be wrong, but isn’t Milton Bradley a bi-polar alcoholic with anger issues? Bad combo. Terrible case of wasted talent. Don’t really want him in my clubhouse if I’m a manager.

  5. I’ve always liked Vincent’s statements on the current state of the game. Pretty straightforward. That’s why the owners got rid of him.

  6. ‘Isn’t Milton Bradley a bi-polar alcoholic with anger issues?’ Yes. He’s like a black, baseball playing Charles Bukowski.

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