Listen and learn

I picked up an interesting nugget from local talk radio today.

J.A. Happ won the Sporting News NL Rookie of the Year Award and Tim Hudson finished second. This one came from the news update guy on 680 The Fan.

In other news, the Thrashers have been scoring lots of touchdowns so far, and the Falcons are playing the Texas Rangers this weekend. 


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6 Comments on Listen and learn

  1. rankin' rob // October 20, 2009 at 5:08 pm //

    I’m amazed at how many blatant errors the local sports-talkers promulgate on a daily basis, including made up words like “rootable.” When you’re forced to rely on free interns or minimum-wage producers for your fact-checking, that’s what we get.

    In actual news, the AJC is reporting that Campillo, Carlyle and Nunez have been dropped from the Braves 40 man roster.

  2. The Yanks lost the DH because they moved their DH into the field so that announcer was correct, Mariano was due up to bat.

  3. charlesad // October 20, 2009 at 5:42 pm //

    I’ll be damned. My bad, then. Apologies to the Stews.

  4. I was in the car a good bit this afternoon, and heard Chadd Scott make the Tim Hudson mistake at least four times, so it’s not like he just mis-spoke. Some clown wrote the copy wrong and he’s too clueless to correct it.

  5. The extra ‘d’ in his name must be for dickhead.

  6. Mr. Sanchez // October 21, 2009 at 8:38 am //

    Or it could be a tape replay, and he didn’t actually say the same thing over and over again 4 times.

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