Just saying….

First season with more than a cup o’ joe in the Bigs:

Tommy Hanson, 10-3, 2.65

Tom Glavine, 7-17, 4.56

John Smoltz, 2-7, 5.48

Greg Maddux, 6-14, 5.61

Kevin Millwood, 17-8, 4.08

Roy Halladay, 8-7, 3.92, 18 starts, 18 relief appearances

Tim Lincecum, 7-5, 4.00

Chris Carpenter, 3-7, 5.09

Steve Carlton, 14-9, 2.98

Randy Johnson, 7-13, 4.82

Pedro Martinez, 10-5, 2.61, mostly in relief

Cole Hamels, 9-8, 4.08

Johan Santana, 2-3, 6.49, mostly in relief


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16 Comments on Just saying….

  1. rankin' rob // September 16, 2009 at 12:39 pm //

    If his arm stays sound and we pony up when he reaches free-agency, we will have a pre-eminent ace for the next decade or more.

  2. More important as of today… at least for ROY concerns

    Tommy Hanson- 10-3, 2.65 ERA, 1.18 WHIP, .224 BAA, 93/39 K/BB
    J.A. Happ- 10-4, 2.77 ERA, 1.18 WHIP, .231 BAA, 104/52 K/BB

    Happ also has 13 more starts than Tommy. The race is pretty much between these two guys and Coghlan. If Tommy has 2 or 3 more solid starts it’s his.

  3. I wonder how many guys had equal or better first years that ended up being busts.

  4. Wuky, Craig McMurtry comes to mind, though he wasn’t as good as Hanson’s been.

  5. The only guy who comes to my mind, although the criteria may be arguable, is Dontrelle Willis.

  6. Mark Fidrych comes to mind.

  7. Mr. 285 himself… Pascual PĂ©rez

  8. williemontanez // September 16, 2009 at 9:39 pm //

    Please tell D. Lowe he can stop giving up runs now.

  9. Scotty Money // September 16, 2009 at 9:42 pm //

    the rain delay ended!

    Mets are scoring at will in the 2nd as the Braves melt-down in the field.
    ‘Shades of Skip’…

    when Lowe struck out Valdez: “he just put an X-on-Valdez” -Chip Caray
    made me smile because it’s nice to have Chip around sometimes.
    …this is the point in the season when one of the only reasons to watch or listen was to hear what Skip would say next. ya know? reallllly miss him.

  10. I wouldn’t fit Pascual into that paradigm, myself. He was iffy in Pittsburgh, then great for a couple of years after he came here and Bob coached him, then Sain nearly ruined him, then he went to Montreal and they stopped fucking with him and just let him pitch and, SURPRISE!, he had some more success.

    I kinda liked the corny Valdez pun, too. Shades of Skip and Harry, both.

    I absolutely swear to God I flashed on Buckner when I saw that ball going to Murphy.

    He’s going to take away Darryl Strawberry’s NY Mutts Lifetime Bad Fielding Achievement trophy at this rate.

  11. Great way to snatch a victory from the jaws of defeat there. I convinced myself that it was time to go to bed when Santos hit the home run off Gonzalez, figuring K-Rod would shut us down. What a nice surprise!

    Just think, if we had won just two of those games during that 5-game losing streak our situation would be much more optimistic right now…

  12. By the way, did anyone else see on ESPN yesterday that Bobby won’t commit to coaching the braves next season? Generally I tell myself to be careful what I wish for, and there are many managers out there who I wouldn’t want to pick up, but I think it’s time for some new blood. I don’t want to see us rebuild to the point of competing for pennants again to see the laid-back, no-fire style that our braves have always had under Cox.

  13. Scotty Money // September 17, 2009 at 1:59 pm //

    Please be nice when talking about Mr. Cox.
    He’ll retire when he pleases and there will be no gloating over it before, during, or afterwards. It’s called ‘respect’ and ‘appreciation’. It CAN’T be long now, so please please please CHILL.

  14. I’d like to see Hanson reel off 15 straight 10 win seasons, and have a Maddux like career. Have y’all discussed what Frenchy said about Hanson…that in few years he’ll look good in Yankee pinstripes?

  15. williemontanez // September 20, 2009 at 12:26 am //

    Stop stirring up trouble Mike! I am more confident that in 6 years Franceour is going to be a studio analyst for Fox (as opposed to wearing any MLB uniform).

  16. That’s a gig Frenchy might be good at…certainly better than Gant or B. Jordan.

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