Smoltzie DFA’d

I guess Frank Wren was right. Still, hate to see Smoltzie go out like this.

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14 Comments on Smoltzie DFA’d

  1. indeed…the same story on the Red Sox homepage also says they claimed Crapward off waivers from the M’s…go figure

  2. As I posted in the other thread, it would be nice for Smoltzie to put on a home team uni one last time and retire as a Brave.

  3. Scotty Money // August 7, 2009 at 6:57 pm //

    Perhaps once the Braves are officially out of it, they could attempt to sign both Glavine and Smoltz to one game contracts and let them pitch back-to-back ‘retirement games’. My Dad took us to the Phil Niekro retirement game and it’s a memory I’ll always cherish – Niekro even appeared on some baseball cards the next year in a Braves uni from that game which is cool to have a Bravos card with the complete stats on the back for #35 (1988 Score did this for sure; I got him to autograph one this season!) …I think the fans deserve this and it won’t be long until the standings show that it’s ok to move on to minor league talent previews and sideshows like this… only question is: Would Glavine and Smoltz actually agree to do that? Maybe they would agree to it if they let Glavine start and Smoltz relieve? We (and they) need some closure!

  4. Smoltz can’t be worse than Manny Acosta coming out of the bullpen.

  5. PepeFreeUs // August 7, 2009 at 7:00 pm //

    I’m not going to buy the post hoc ergo propter hoc argument here. He could just have easily returned to much better results. Wren bet against John Smoltz, which has almost never been a good thing to do. The fact that it “worked” for him is largely irrelevant, at lest to me.

    While I wouldn’t have wanted to be counting on John like we did last year (which was frankly stupid), I would have liked to have signed him here and used him as an insurance policy (or one of the other signings as one for him, if you prefer. To see him in that clown suit, pitching for a team whose fan base has no idea who he is or what he’s done, was just wrong on every possible level.

  6. I would be shocked to see Glavine and Smoltz ever pitch for the Braves again. In fact, I’d be shocked to see either of them ever pitch period.

  7. PepeFreeUs // August 7, 2009 at 7:02 pm //

    There is a Classic Game card showing Knucksie in a Braves uni in that last game as well.

  8. rankin' rob // August 7, 2009 at 7:32 pm //

    I was at that Knucksie “one last start” game at Fulco and it was embarrassing. After the heartfelt ovation he got shelled. Glavine and Smoltz have been richly rewarded by the Braves and are beloved by Braves fans. Give Medlen and others the innings at the end of this season for something to build on. Bring Smoltz and Glavine back later to retire their numbers.

    Oh, and I think that Boston adding Crapward to their roster tells their fans all they need to know about this doomed season. Heh.

  9. I suspect we’ll see Smoltz pitch somewhere next year, as he was actually starting to recover some form.

  10. I was going to run my mouth about Medlen, but I agree with Rob, to an extent. I dont’ think Medlen has the confidence to pitch in the big leagues yet. Maybe a few more starts will help, maybe a visit to Smoltz’ shrink will be necessary. If we’re actually out of it in September, then give Medlen a few starts.

  11. …or several long relief appearances, whichever is available.

  12. I’m with Mark Bradley — a pregame ceremony and number retirement is a fine venue for sentimentality. No time for it once “Play ball!” is announced.

  13. Matt and Nancy Sinatro // August 10, 2009 at 8:24 am //

    “Wren bet against John Smoltz, which has almost never been a good thing to do. The fact that it “worked” for him is largely irrelevant, at least to me.”
    Huh? . . . Besides the fact that betting on a 42 year old to overcome age and a bad wing is usually a lock, Smoltz proved in 2008 he is perfectly capably of lying to himself . . . The Braves let him pursue his own specialized spring training regimen in 08 because he assured them he’d be ready when it counted. . . The Braves were rewarded for their faith with 28 innings, 12 fewer than he pitched for the BoSox. Don’t get me wrong . . . I look forward to the unveiling of Smoltzie’s statue in the plaza, but giving him the guaranteed money he wanted was wishful thinking at best, and irresponsible waste at worst.

  14. I don’t believe Wren bet “against” Smoltz. He wanted to bet on Smoltz; Boston just placed a higher bet, which the Braves felt they couldn’t match. It doesn’t necessarily even mean that the Boston brass thought he had a better chance of succeeding than the Braves did; it may just mean that Boston is able to allocate more money for that same chance of a positive return. John was in the position of choosing whose bet to take.

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