Saturday in the park

First off, kudos to the organist for playing “With a Little Help From My Friends” when M. Ramirez came to the plate. You know, I get high with a little help from my friends. Hah. Roidmirez.

It was a fine afternoon all around. Had my first game experience in the 755 Club. We dined overlooking left field. The prices are, of course, steep, but the service was good and friendly and the $13 chicken quesadilla wasn’t bad. I enjoyed the view more, however, after we moved to our actual seats in 401. It is a cool panorama, though, looking through the 755 Club windows at a packed stadium. 

BMF indeed. What’d he throw, nine pitches, two balls? Now that’s a save. And two comebacks in the same game, one courtesy of a pinch hit from Greg Norton. Hells bells. Life is good. Bobby’s patience pays off with a game winner.

Despite all those good vibes, it’s sinking in just how hard it is to gain ground in this wild card race. There are so many contenders that someone always wins. I mean, the Cubs play the Marlins. That’s good because one of them will, of course, lose. But one will win. Just gotta keep winning series and hope for the best. If we make the playoffs this year, it’s a bonus. It’s all about 2010 and beyond, as Wren has all but said.

As we’re still in 2009, what software program created this schedule? The Bravos essentially have a 13-game, four-city road trip with this three-game home series in the middle of it. After an 8:05 game tonight, the team has to fly to San Diego to start a three-game set Monday, then bbuses up the slab to LA for four, then we come home for five vs. the Nats and Phils, then take a three-game road trip to Citi Field. 

Best news from the sked: 7 of the season’s last 10 games are against the Stan Kastens. We have to start whupping them.


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20 Comments on Saturday in the park

  1. with any luck, we can count on a nice finish to the season, but luck has been hard for us to come by lately against the Nats.

    It is oddly refreshing to have Rochey back in a Braves uniform. It would be interesting to think through all of the ramifications had we simply kept him here the whole time… no Tex fiasco, might still have one or two of the prospects we traded for him, but also a little less money to play with at the start of ’07. Most important, he wouldn’t have had to pick a new jersey number.

  2. williemontanez // August 2, 2009 at 4:32 pm //

    With this many teams ahead of us in the wildcard, it may be frustrating to watch on a daily basis. Like you said, we just need to win series and play about .620 ball over the last 2 months to get to the 89 or 90 win mark needed to win the wildcard.

  3. On an unrelated note, is it just me, or is Joe Morgan a blabbering idiot. Steve Phillips isn’t that far ahead of him on the stupid-ladder.

  4. williemontanez // August 2, 2009 at 11:31 pm //

    It is not just you…

  5. PepeFreeUs // August 2, 2009 at 11:49 pm //

    Watching the sunday night broadcast is a little like Alex getting the Ludovico treatment for me, even on a good night. On a night like this, it’s unbearable.

    Maybe I’ll live long enough to see a Brave team that works the count.

  6. The best part of this game was when security confiscated the “Got Juice” signs in leftfield. Fuck ESPN.

  7. Morgan has some baseball sense in him. He mad e a few decent points regarding Billingsly in the 2nd. He then blathered on for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th repeating the same mind numbing drather. Phillips is just a grade A retard whose only purpose in life making Omar Minaya look good by comparion- no small feat. When Rafael Furcal signed with the Dodgers this past ofseason I said to a friend “At least we won’t have to listen to Jon Miller call him Fore-Call so many times”

    I wasn’t overly disappointed the game was a blowout. They didn’t ruin a good game, and I actually muted from the 6th inning on.

  8. I was trying to find something good to say about last night’s game, and there really wasn’t, save for the weather. So, I’ll say something good about Saturday’s game. McClouth’s double play pretty much saved the game.

  9. I liked Joe Morgan alright in the 90’s, but lately he’s turned into Tim McCarver.

  10. The Dodgers are damn good. I think we’re only missing one major piece, and that is someone in the middle of the order who scares the hell out of the other team. With Escobar in there instead of Hernandez, we’re really only one position short of a good major league lineup, and that is in RF. Diaz or Church has the potential to have great days, but neither of them is a middle of the order guy and that’s what we need. Laroche and Kotchman are pretty much interchangable so I don’t see that trade as changing the complexion of the team at all. That being said, we’re not making the playoffs this year but the future looks pretty good if we can find another star as Chipper fades.

  11. rankin' rob // August 3, 2009 at 9:31 am //

    Still a .500 team, give a game or two. Wren pretty much indicated we’re playing for the next few years, not this year.

  12. The lineup just isn’t the same without Yesco. Hard to see overcoming a five-game deficit in the wild card. It’s possible, but the team has to blaze through the rest of the season like the ’93 Braves, and I don’t think this club can do it. The Dodgers have a solid 1-8 batting order. They can score in any inning, something we can’t do with Yesco out.

  13. If we could’ve somehow gotten Gonzales from San Diego, we would’ve been in business. We’ll at least be watchable the remainder of the year, something that has not been the case in recent years.

  14. Getting Gonzales would’ve meant giving up too much.

  15. williemontanez // August 3, 2009 at 10:38 pm //

    How fast can Kawakami keep giving up leads? When will Hudson be ready?

  16. Kawakami is from the ‘get a little, give a little’ school of pitching. Not feeling good about the Pads series opener.

  17. rankin' rob // August 4, 2009 at 12:38 am //

    Kawakame has to stand as Wren’s worst move so far. We’re on the hook for two more years at 8 mil plus for this stiff? Oh well, he’s cheaper than Sprained Nipple Hampton.

  18. PepeFreeUs // August 4, 2009 at 1:21 am //

    We need you guys to leave an open thread so we can comment on any given night’s game.

    Just a suggestion.

    I don’t want to leave the impression that I think it cost us the game (Prado’s bizarre attempt to score on a 144 foot pop fly in the first, followed closely by Diaz’s full body dry heave in right a little later did that), but I think we have to resign ourselves to the fact that every close call is going to go against us now.

    Cabrerra was out at third and the little twerp pushed Diaz off of second a few innings before (not that Matt ever lost contact with his feet, but that’s too fine a detail for them to notice, apparently.)

  19. rankin' rob // August 4, 2009 at 8:02 am //

    Pepe–this is the secret open thread for the night’s game. Just remember the password–I say Vic, you say Correll.

  20. Flo-Town’s own Vic Correll. Vic is the man.

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