Don’t look now, but ….

The Lilburn Flash is actually hitting. Francoeur’s spring average is up to .280 after a 2-for-3 afternoon vs. the Fish.

(CB here. Besides the improved BA, Francoeur has ZERO strikeouts and four walks in 25 AB’s.)

He had a pair of two-out RBIs today. This is shocking — if I’m reading these stats correctly, and I think I am, today’s practice game total matched his two-out RBI production for the entire second half of last season.

TLF’s exhibition-game offense might not be hugely important. Still, after his abysmal 2008 you want to see the kid smack it around. He’s started doing that, and he’s drawing the occasional walk.

Who knows? Maybe No. 7 actually will turn it around this season. And more nice work from our best pitching prospect since S. Avery. Today’s win pushes the Bravos to a sparkling 11-2. None of them count, but I guess it’s better than 2-11.

Big stories of spring so far: Hanson, Schafer’s hitting .364, TLF heating up, KJ’s raking, the pitching staff has been good for the most part and healthy, Gonzo’s velocity is creeping up, and G. Anderson got hurt immediately. That dude has a history of good health, so I’m not going to worry, not much anyway.


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5 Comments on Don’t look now, but ….

  1. Viva Rufino Linares! // March 13, 2009 at 4:32 pm //

    The success of the offense depends on Frenchy coming back strong. Hopefully, a good spring will build some confidence and get him back on track. I really don’t want to see him suck.

  2. What a stupid post. Again.
    (Actually, I don’t think the post is stupid, nor have I even finished reading the post, but I’m craving the attention of having another post created for me.)

  3. We don’t have a chance if Frenchy falls flat again.

  4. atlpaddy // March 14, 2009 at 3:02 pm //

    Agreed, Frenchy is the key. The big problem I see is him either A) getting over-confident and changing his approach at the plate to hit more home-runs, or B) him going into a funk and pressing, which in turn leads to A. I hope not. This season, we’ll see if he’s finally matured into a major league ballplayer.

  5. Some Other Mike // March 15, 2009 at 1:14 am //

    Yeah, this is one of my big questions for this season: if Francouer’s recovery (started last year) will carry through this season. With it being March, I’m optimistic.

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