Bigger surprise?

The AJC recently asked which team’s success came as more of a shock: the 2008 Falcons or the ’91 Braves?

Certainly the Braves were the bigger and better story. They also had more promise — led by Glavine, Smoltz, Avery, Justice and Gant — going into ’91 than the Falcons seemed to have coming into this season.

Back in August I would’ve considered a 6-10 finish surprising.

So is Dimitroff the new Schuerholz? Hard to imagine a better first year on the job (drafting Matt Ryan, Sam Baker, Curtis Lofton and Harry Douglas, signing Michael Turner AND trading MeAngelo for a second-round pick).


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3 Comments on Bigger surprise?

  1. williemontanez // December 29, 2008 at 11:41 am //

    I would say Dimitroff already ranks as the Falcons best GM ever – not that there is a lot of competition for that title.

  2. I’d go with the ’91 Braves, although the ’08 Falcons may be the most improved. Yeah, the ’91 Braves were a team that folks knew wasn’t going to suck like it had the previous season and coming into this season, most figured the Falcons would finish last again, but winning over a 162-game schedule is much more difficult than doing so over 16 games. Catching a break in a couple or three games can make a huge difference in how a team performs over a full season in the NFL, but it doesn’t in MLB.

  3. clete boyer fan // December 29, 2008 at 7:20 pm //

    I’d say that this year’s Falcons are the biggest surprise. In ’91 I was expecting the Braves to achieve a .500 season because of the promising young pitchers, a ROY in Justice, Gant having had a 30-30 season and the pick up of free agents Bream and TP, who could at least field the ball. I actually thought they might approach .500 in ’90 but bullpen issues sunk us.
    I wasn’t expecting anything from the Falcons this year. I was hoping for a 6 win season and I felt I was being charitable with that figure.

    Dimitroff may be the new Schuerholz; no other Falcon GM has ever had as auspicious a start. I can say without reservation, however, that no Falcons GM was ever as bad as Frank Wall. Wall was hired by Rankin Smith to be his GM prior to the ’67 season. This was despite him having no football experience and that his only qualification was being the CPA for Smith’s insurance company. Wall was responsible for the 1967 draft, in which not a single player chosen played a down for the Falcons. And this was back when there 17 rounds in the draft. No Braves GM comes close to that level of incompetence.

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