Renteria dealt for prospects

The local organ is reporting that Edgar has been shipped to the Motor City for a couple of prospects. I don’t know anything about the two players — centerfielder Gorkys Hernandez and righthanded pitcher Jair Jurjjens — but my initial reaction is: Is that it?

As a debut for Frank Wren, this is underwhelming, at first blush anyway. Maybe there’s something more in the works.

The two players sound highly promising, so maybe this will work out long term. It frees up some payroll too. Still, I figured we’d get at least a decent major league pitcher for Edgar. On the other hand, young arms are what we need most. And another speedy young outfielder can’t hurt.

CB is more excited about the deal. He ponits out that Jurjjens pitched well for the most part for Detroit this season and is among that organization’s prized prospects. He also points out, rightly, that teams are not going to trade No. 1-2 starter types for veteran position players who are not superstars. Also, not many teams need shortstops. CB also notes that it’s good to see Wren make a deal so quickly and an aggressive one at that.

Here’s more on our new guys from Bloomberg:


Hernandez (first is pronounced GOR-keys), who just turned 20 in September, is considered one of the top outfield prospects in all ofbaseball. He completed his first full professional season in 2007 and earned the Class-A Midwest League Most Valuable Player Award while leading West Michigan to the league championship. Hernandez paced the circuit with 54 stolen bases and batted .293 with 84 runs, 25 doubles, four home runs and 50 RBI in 124 games. He grounded into just two double plays in 533 plate appearances.

A Midwest League All-Star, Hernandez was voted by the MWL’s managers as being the Most Exciting Player and the Fastest Baserunner in 2007. The strong-armed center fielder walked and scored a run in the World Team’s 7-2 win in the 2007 MLB Futures Game in San Francisco on July 8.

Jurrjens, 21, was rated by Baseball America to be the Eastern League’s sixth-best Major League prospect (third-best pitcher) this past season. In 2006, Baseball America rated him as the best control pitcher in the Tigers organization.

Jurrjens (pronounced JEYE-air JER-jens) went 7-5 with a 3.20 ERA in 19 starts at Class-AA Erie in 2007 before making his Major League debut with Detroit in August. He worked in seven games (all starts) for the Tigers, going 3-1 with a 4.70 ERA. In his last three minor league starts, Jurrjens went 3-0 with a 0.78 ERA, with 24 strikeouts and just one walk in 23.0 innings pitched. In 502.2 career minor league innings pitched (89 games/84 starts), Jurrjens has posted a 3.20 ERA with 404 strikeouts and just 121 walks.

"We appreciate the talent and professionalism that Edgar Renteria brought to us the last two years and we wish him the best in his career," said Wren. "Today we were able to acquire two special players. We are extremely excited to be able to add a starting pitcher who we believe will compete for a spot in our rotation next spring, as well as an exciting and gifted outfielder who possesses tremendous speed for the future."

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8 Comments on Renteria dealt for prospects

  1. Wha happen?!

    I agree – for prospects, this is bit underwhelming. Although I like the idea of stocking soon to be ready talent, I also feel that we need young starting pitching that is somewhat proven over the course of a season.

  2. I’m fine with it for now, as I assume this frees up some payroll to maybe go out and get another established arm. The Bravos needed to do some re-stocking of the farm since the Teixeira pretty well bled the top end of the farm dry.

    Renteria was one of those guys that I really liked when he was playing for other teams, and now that I’ve seen him play every day, my esteem for him is off the charts. I’ve got a new favorite AL player (too bad he’s got to play with Sheffield, though, so I can’t pull for the team as a whole).

  3. I like it. We got speed, a strong arm, and we made a spot for Yunel. Also, we freed up some $ for Tex. Our lineup is still one of the best in the majors.

    And yeah, the pitching. Maybe we could have gotten a more seasoned arm for Edgar, but that’s no guarantee, either. I think this was the best deal available. And I can’t imagine that JS didn’t walk Wren through this, baby step by baby step. Even still, I’m not looking forward to next year if we don’t pick up serious pitching.

  4. I wasn’t familiar with Hernandez, but I like what I’m seeing. But Jurrjens is a stud. Outside of Miller or Verlander (insert laughing smiley here) he’s the guy I would have most wanted from them for Edgar. We had to either trade Edgar or one of two extremely unpalatable alternatives, namely: trade Kelly (and move Yesco to 2nd) or trade Yesco.

    It’s a minor aspect, but I’m glad Edgar (like Marquis, a guy whose Brave career his parallels very nuch) will go to an elite team in the AL. I’m glad we had him here, and he’ll always have a place in my heart, but this was a necessary move, and I think a really good one. This deal has my seal of approval.

  5. Jack Straw // October 29, 2007 at 8:14 pm //

    Might turn out to be a good trade. I like Edgar, but it’s nice to see us getting a pitching prospect instead of dealing one. Sounds like Jurrjens may be ready for prime time next season. Having read the Office I now know more than I ever would have otherwise.

    I realize that baseball never really stops, not even after the last World Series game is played, but I want to thank Rowland’s Office for a great job of covering our beloved Bravos this year. I’ve watched baseball for close to 40 years and I feel like I understand the game a little better thanks to this site.

  6. clete boyer fan // October 29, 2007 at 8:20 pm //

    My first reaction was of the “WTF!” vintage, but that’s because I was convinced that when Edgar left, it would be for a starting pitcher. These two guys are clearly great prospects and the deal does bulk up the depth in the upper minors. I just hope that a new starter is picked up sometime this winter.

  7. I really like this trade a whole lot. As a Braves fan, I like to see us get a young talented OF with blazing speed. I also like getting a SP that has a 93-95MPH fastball with great control. Edgar is most defiently going to be miss with his clutch hits. But Yunel Escobar or Brent Lillibridge are ready to take his place. Keith Law was on ESPNNews and he said he wouldn’t rule out another big SP acquisition by the Braves. May be this is one step that the Braves needed to make to get Dan Haren!

  8. Thanks for the kind words, Jack. You flatter us. Likewise we appreciate our loyal readers, many of whom provide us with useful tips (as seen from D’Andre above). Some of you have other blogs, and we’d like to link you up — we’re pretty lazy about that, but send them along and I’ll make we include them.

    As for the offseason, rest assured we’ll continue posting on an almost-daily basis.

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